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Meet Our Family

We are a family oriented breeder and have been breeding puppies for nearly 35 years. Our lines originate on Maryland's Eastern Shore and come from a long line of water fowl dogs. Bobby is the main caretaker for both the dogs and the puppies, of course with some help from his wife, daughter, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. We take care with breeding our puppies and keeping the bloodlines pure. We have taken DNA on all of our dogs to track and keep on record with the American Kennel Club. 


Once you have purchased a puppy from us, we will continue to help you with the caring and training of your new family member- from recommending food and a vet to tips on how to train and everything in between!


We are happy to announce that we have moved to the BEDFORD, VIRGINIA area but are still serving Maryland, D.C., Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, Florida, and try to accommodate all other areas!

Meet our dogs!


Meet Stika!

He was born in 2018


Meet Wyoming!

She was born in 2018


Meet Cheyenne!

She was born in 2018

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